After Breakfast @ Asia Insight Circle: The Greater Bay Area with Tony Verb

In November 2019 Asia Insight Circle members enjoyed an off-the-record conversation about the opportunities and challenges presented by The Greater Bay Area. After we spoke with presenter Tony Verb for “After Breakfast @ Asia Insight Circle. Enjoy the podcast. The Greater Bay Area represents an ambitious plan to compete with Silicon Valley by pooling talent, financial, infrastructure,

After Breakfast @ Asia Insight Circle: Emerging Market Risk with Gene Yu

Companies operating in emerging markets are susceptible to security crises that may have devastating impacts on their assets, finances or reputation. Blackpanda provides bespoke services and solutions that enable their clients to successfully prevent and navigate special risks. They help clients with significant security concerns around their operational risk for their oil, mining, and agricultural investments in

After Breakfast @ Asia Insight Circle – City of Protest with Antony Dapiran

Our focus is Hong Kong and our podcast features Antony Dapiran, author of City of Protest: A Recent History of Dissent in Hong Kong. “Hong Kong is a city with a long history of civil disobedience.” So begins the book blurb on for a now-sold-out book published in July 2017. It was a timeless observation on the

After Dark @ Asia Insight Circle

After Dark @ Asia Insight Circle – after six years of breakfasts, we stayed up late and bought the drinks. We’re pleased so many of you were able to join us for a provocative conversation with one of New York’s top influencers. The New York Times called Peter Shankman “a rock star who knows everything

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