Managing Disruption: What’s Working NOW?

At Asia Insight Circle, we enjoyed a robust discussion with best-selling author Jim Harris. His book “Blindsided” looks at managing disruption. In light of the global coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to learn what companies are doing now to manage.

Banking Disrupted: After Dark @ Asia Insight Circle

“Hong Kong is moving quickly into a new era of branchless banking, a shift that brings up challenges for traditional lenders which must innovate to cope with the competition.” – SCMP After Dark at Asia Insight Circle – Thursday 4 June from 6:00 to 9:00 pm The Garage at Deloitte – Lan Kwai Fong, Central,

Facebook Live: Marketing to Machines & Augmented Humans with Tamara McCleary

The global pandemic is accelerating new technology usage at a heart-quickening pace. The impact of overnight adoption of remote working tools nearly waterboarded many companies, especially those who were not poised to pivot to a digital, remote workforce. The impact upon our lives personally and professionally is palpable. Our overnight plunge into automation and reliance

Coronavirus Classroom: Insights from Hong Kong Academy’s pivot to remote learning

Podcast interview with Stephen Dare, Head of School, Hong Kong Academy ‘When Can We Go to School?’ Nearly 300 Million Children Are Missing Class. The global scale and speed of the educational disruption from the coronavirus epidemic is “unparalleled,” the United Nations said. – The New York Times To contain the coronavirus, the Education Department

After Breakfast @ Asia Insight Circle: Gemma Greaves, CEO, The Marketing Society

How does a CEO make their mark on the company they’re leading? In this podcast Gemma Greaves discusses her challenge when taking the leadership of The Marketing Society, a 60-year-old membership association with headquarters in London. In order to be understood, it’s imperative to be authentic. “Be your true self,” is what Gemma Greaves implores.

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