Managing Disruption: What’s Working NOW

Jim Harris, Author
“Blindsided: How to Spot the Next Breakthrough That Will Change Your Business”

Online Networking & Webinar
Hong Kong: Friday 22 May – 9:30 am
Toronto: Thursday 21 May – 9:30 pm
Vancouver: Thursday 21 May – 6:30 pm 
Why are companies blindsided? The speed of change, driven by new technology, mergers, and competition mean the business landscape is more chaotic than ever before. How will new technologies change your business?

The companies that embraced digital transformation before the outbreak of Coronavirus, today’s changes are more manageable. For others, the move to remote working and more has shattered norms and thrown businesses into disarray.

Take a quick tour of what’s working now – and how companies are adjusting to the new realities. Learn practical approaches to managing disruption from a top-selling author of business books.

Blindsided asks the questions we should all be asking ourselves and helps us find the answers in our own organizations.” (Soundview)

If you’re working from home, pour yourself a coffee and join us for a virtual seminar.

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Facebook Live: Marketing to Machines & Augmented Humans with Tamara McCleary

The global pandemic is accelerating new technology usage at a heart-quickening pace. The impact of overnight adoption of remote working tools nearly waterboarded many companies, especially those who were not poised to pivot to a digital, remote workforce.

The impact upon our lives personally and professionally is palpable. Our overnight plunge into automation and reliance upon machines and technology to cover for our human frailty is opening a window from which we can see and “feel into” the future.

If marketing is about exquisite connection impacting decision-making then marketers take heed for the human-machine partnership has begun. The genie is out of the bottle. We won’t go back to the pre-SARS-CoV-2 world, but we can shape how we respond now and in the future, and we can shape how we create and leverage opportunities.

If you’re working from home, pour yourself a coffee and join this virtual seminar.

Coronavirus Tech: Solutions & Hacks

Influencer Insights: Work in the Age of Coronavirus

With Top Technology Influencers

– Marsha Collier, #TechRadio Host

– Robert Scoble, Tech Evangelist

Around the world, businesses are shuttered as employees are encouraged (or mandated) to work from home. The goal is to slow the infection rate of the novel coronavirus. For parents of school-age children, adding to the challenge is the closure of schools.

Join our webinar where we’ll share the technologies companies are using to maintain “business as usual” despite the challenges and changes.

The session is hosted on a new platform that allows participants to “meet and mingle” – and swap e-business cards. Everyone joins the webinar, then after more networking.

If you’re working from home, pour yourself a coffee and join us for a virtual seminar. Register now!

Join our immersive, online networking session where you can meet up and move from table to table.

When the presentations begin, hear the webinar live and interact with our speakers. After, meet and mingle. Connect your LinkedIn profile so you can swap business cards with anyone you meet. is an immersive online events and networking platform where you can have face-to-face video conversations online, just like in real life.

Attendance limited to 200 people. Webinar will be broadcast on YouTube Live – minus the interactive networking!

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Facebook Live: First-Timer’s Mistakes and Lessons

Last Friday we hosted our first “Facebook Live” event at Asia Insight Circle. We wanted to reach out to members and friends to discuss a hot, trending topic. Here in Hong Kong we’re in the middle of the world’s largest “work from home” experiment. I called on former speaker Diana Wu David to speak about making a success of remote work.

Live from Hong Kong! The World's Largest Work From Home Experiment

Posted by Asia Insight Circle on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Have you undertaken a Facebook Live? It’s super easy – and that’s what makes it harder! Setting up is super simple. Open a new post, and choose “Go Live.” Before you start you can add a title. That’s it.

Once you start, there is no one watching. Yet remember – most people will watch this in recording. We started with soft introductions and hoped the audience would build.

When we’re good, Diana and I are in a really engaged conversation. When we’re bad, we’re very distracted and jumpy from subject to subject. On replay the video doesn’t always show the full picture. Did you see the three kids working at the same dining table? Did you see the boys crawl – then slide – behind us to get from room to room.

Even without kids, there are distractions on the screen. You’ll see who’s watching and who has recently joined. Wave at them! Say hello. Viewers can post questions. My advice – agree which one will review questions. Both of you distracted isn’t great.

Use the audience questions to build rapport. You can see who is asking what – Hello Kevin Devlin! You can respond to each person’s question and mention their name. It’s wonderful transparency.

Consider the timing, also. We stretched our session to one hour. Perhaps it would be better at 25-45 minutes – like podcasts.

We’re going to try again this Friday, with advice for all us home-bound workers. During the Coronavirus quarantine it may benefit people to learn new techniques and skills.

Do watch the video and if you have further feedback, please let us know. Thanks – Walter

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