CEO Counseling, Network Facilitation, Meetings, Workshops

The CEO’s office is often the loneliest place to be. If you’re living life in the CEO lane, you know that. That’s the benefit of Asia Insight Circle and where its elite, successful leaders and members come into play. We understand the challenges of today’s CEOs and senior leaders, and our peer-to-peer counseling, networking and meeting facilitation, CEO workshops, or counseling services can help provide the insights and guidance CEOs need to develop the action plans they need to lead and grow their businesses.

Professional Services Training

LinkedIn Profile Development
Business leaders who are serious about success understand the importance of a personal brand and the role social media channels can play in business and personal success. Today, we are largely who the internet says we are, and our presence in the social media space, or lack thereof, says a lot about our understanding of the way business is done today. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for a LinkedIn profile search to take place before an in person meeting, so putting your best foot forward on the biggest business professional network is important.

A well-developed LinkedIn profile is table stakes for today’s senior executives and our team can help. Whether it’s providing the training you need to get your LinkedIn profile where it needs to be, or engaging our team to develop your profile for you, we’ve got you covered.

Social Media Training for Executives
Social media in general can be daunting for senior executives. Knowing where to have a social media presence, why it matters, what to share there, and how it can impact business are just a few of the touch points that our Social Media Training for Executives can provide. You don’t have to spend much time on social media—you’ve got a business to run, which is infinitely more important. But if you know more about why social media for executives matters and how to leverage a personal and/or a brand presence on social media, you’ll be lightyears ahead of your competition.

Media and Communications Training for Senior Executives
Media and corporate communications play a big role in business success. We work with clients on a variety of media comms, ranging from improving on-camera performance, learning to leverage social media channels for media and customer engagement, learning media pitfalls, fleshing out a story or story idea, and dealing with crises.

Influencer Marketing Consulting and Campaign Development

Brands and agencies are realizing that influencer marketing can be a powerful addition to an integrated marketing strategy. Our team has developed and managed global influencer marketing programs for a major Chinese company and has received international acclaim for our success.

Influencer marketing is not a fad, and it’s really nothing new. Humans have always wanted to do business with and take advice from people (and brands) we like and trust. Working with trusted, credible influencers are a way that brands can generate trust, goodwill, brand awareness, share of voice/market more effectively than almost any other kind of advertising. But in order for that to be effective, it’s got to be done by and with people who truly understand the business of influence, the power of influence, and how to harness that power in ways that make it a win for both the influencer and the brand. And that? That takes true talent. Savvy, experienced, experts in global influencer relations and influencer campaigns can help smart marketers, brands, and agencies can get the ROI from influencer marketing they seek and that’s the value proposition our team at Asia Insight Circle delivers.

Whether it’s consulting with your team on how to best execute on influencer marketing, or developing and managing influencer campaigns for your brand, our team is ready to help implement influencer marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

Events Consulting and Management

Event Consulting
Our team at Asia Insight Circle has been hosting events of all sizes all over the world for the past seven years. Whether you’ve got a corporate event, are bringing a team to an industry conference, are hosting customers and prospects at an industry event, are looking for influencers to attend one of your corporate events, or want to host a small, more intimate party, consulting with our team to plan and execute your event will make your life infinitely easier. We work with businesses, schools and organizations, and private individuals in making event and party planning a breeze.

Event Management
If you’d like for us to go beyond consulting and concept, develop, and manage every aspect of your event or party, we can do that, too. We can ensure your party or event will be perfectly planned, perfectly managed, and perfectly executed down to the smallest detail.

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