Thought Leadership

Asia Insight Circle connects thought leaders with business executives across Asia Pacific. Our thought leadership platforms include live or virtual events, bespoke reports, podcasts, and influential social outreach.


Extensive Outreach

For over seven years, Asia Insight Circle has brought together thought leaders with C-Suite business professionals. We offer in-person and virtual events, as well as podcasts and specialty publications. All are targeted at a top-level audience of leaders.

Curated Events for C-Suite Leaders

Every month select business leaders meet behind closed doors with thought leaders from politics, academia, and business. We curate the speakers – and the audience – to bring opportunities for insights and networking.

Pivot to Digital

With restrictions on in-person meetings, Asia Insight Circle started a series of virtual sessions. We hosted Facebook Live sessions to support the broader business community, and larger “meet & mingle” events using a new networking and conference platform.

Podcast Series

‘After Breakfast @ Asia Insight Circle’ is our exclusive podcast series. Speakers share highlights of their talks in a moderated, top-level discussion with host Walter Jennings.

Social Media Influence

Our events and thought leadership content are shared on social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Partner influencers help us extend our reach. 

Targeting Business Leaders

For seven years we’ve met monthly with Hong Kong’s top business leaders. Our database of members, speakers, friends, and allies is extensive. We can enhance programs with sponsored content. 

Bespoke Reports

Asia Insight Circle develops content based on keynote speakers, ranging from LinkedIn articles to bespoke reports. These sponsored editions help extend a company’s reach through targeted outreach. 

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