Vincent Rajiv Louis on trends and developments in sustainable investment in Asia Pacific post pandemic.

In Rajiv Louis’s opinion, the impacts of COVID-19 are here to stay. If there is one silver lining in all of this epidemic, it is that the world’s attention has been drawn to the horrifying risks of human-animal conflict and the looming danger of zoonotic diseases. The public debate is centered around the essential concerns of sustainable development, climate action, and conservation.

The accelerating growth of corporations and the ESG side (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) that start to cautiously monitor their carbon footprints is unprecedented. Local governments and corporations have nearly doubled their Net Zero pledges in less than a year, as many prioritize climate change mitigation in the post-COVID-19 world. The Data-Driven EnviroLab and the NewClimate Institute published a report that highlights the massive increase in pledges, citing “a nine-fold increase for regions, with an additional 101 in 2020 from 11 in 2019.

Rajiv plants a tree as a symbol of Carbon Growth Partners’ missions and goals

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