Brave Together in the 852: The Marketing Society & Asia Insight Circle

The networking and the setting were fantastic”

Well organised, humble hosts, fantastic service and venue

In the exclusive and luxurious VIP Tent at The AIA Great European Carnival, some 60 members and guests of Asia Insight Circle and The Marketing Society met together to explore Bravery. “Brave Together” is the latest in a series of talks organised worldwide to explore how marketers make the tough calls and deal with all the challenging aspects of marketing in today’s fractious world.

Mind-opening chat

Opening the session were Walter Jennings, CEO, Asia Insight Circle and Darren Chuckry, Chair of The Marketing Society Hong Kong. From there the main discussion was led by Gemma Greaves, CEO of London-based The Marketing Society. She explored bravery in marketing and leadership with Christy Kilmartin, VP Marketing for Kontoor Brands (Lee & Wrangler Asia Pacific).  The conversation was part of the “Brave Together” global series.

“We are interested in the untold stories, challenges that have been faced and overcome, brave decisions that have been taken, making the invisible visible and understanding how we as leaders can make a positive impact at work and on society as a whole.” The Marketing Society

“On behalf of Asia Insight Circle and our partner The Marketing Society I wanted to thank everyone for attending and contributing to a great night,” said Walter Jennings.

Speakers at After Dark @ Asia Insight Circle

Great event, highly recommend


Fabulous energetic networking

“We had 57 attendees and received a 5/5 rating”

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