Who’s Focused on Growth?

Growth is an assumption of every business. Ask any manager and they’ll say they hope 2019 will bring greater revenue, higher profits, and new products or services to offer. Yet looking deeper at growth it’s a responsibility that’s not assigned to any one person in the company.

The CEO is managing the whole of the business, and gets locked into day-to-day issues across all areas. Marketing is looking at revenue and the products and service offering. Finance is managing all aspects of financial operations, and sales is looking to increase transactions.

In his latest book, marketing expert Andy Brent looks at what aspects of the job a growth director would lead. “The Growth Director’s Secret” starts by slicing across the company to look at the myriad of responsibilities that come with growth – from human resources to finance to marketing.

You can find the preface to his new book here: https://bit.ly/2Qjbwok

In his research, Mr Brent found only one company had assigned a global growth officer. Mondelēz International, Inc., is an American multinational confectionery, food, and beverage company with about 83,000 people around the world. Timothy Cofer is Chief Growth Officer.

In this role, Tim oversees the teams responsible for corporate strategy, global categories, global marketing, and research, development and quality. This integrated approach enables Mondelēz International to efficiently allocate resources to the biggest and highest return growth opportunities for its global innovation platforms and Power Brands.

Mondelez International website

In September 2018, Mondelēz International Chief Executive Officer, Dirk Van de Put outlined the company’s focus on a global growth culture.

“With strong leadership in our categories, an unparalleled portfolio of global and local brands and a solid footprint in fast-growing markets, we are uniquely positioned to lead the future of snacking. We have developed a clear strategic plan to accelerate our growth and drive attractive total returns centered around three strategic priorities: accelerate consumer-centric growth, drive operational excellence and build a winning growth culture.”

Mondelēz International Outlines Long-Term Strategy and Provides 2019 Guidance

The subject of growth is too important to leave to chance – or to assume that each manager will work in lockstep to achieve one goal. To learn how to bring together all facets of growth, come to the next meeting of Asia Insight Circle on Friday, 25 January 2019.

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