Biting-Edge Blockchain: Our March Breakfast

Blockchain is a transaction ledger distributed over tens of thousands of computers. Near impossible to hack. It will fundamentally alter your business.

Blockchain allows businesses to digitize their work flows, and benefit  from near-impossible-to-hack distributed ledger technology. It’s also a disintermediation rocket currently targeting the finance industry.

Will your business benefit or be targeted next? Learn more from a FinTech pioneer and blockchain authority, Karen Contet Farzam.

An equity derivative and equity exotic trader from France, Karen moved to Hong Kong in 2010 and set her sights on the digital world.

She is a founding board member of FinTech Association, and an in-demand speaker globally on financial technology.

Karen leads which connects passionate entrepreneurs with like-minded engineers, marketing gurus and business experts so they can swap ideas and build a successful startup.

Read Karen’s year-end technology overview on LinkedIn Pulse. Follow Karen on Twitter.

And please, come learn from an expert on the ramifications—and the opportunities—for blockchain in business.

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