Our Mission is to Save Nature and Combat Climate Change

On 22 February, Charles Bedford of The Nature Conservancy will discuss China’s leading role in combating global climate change.

Climate change is a particularly difficult issue for all elected officials to tackle. As the harm often occurs outside of the tenure of their service, they are often reluctant to address it. An interesting advantage that a one-party system, like China’s, has over others is that it can act more nimbly and plan further forward when confronted with an issue like climate change. China is committed to their own climate goals, the critical need to address climate change globally, and a commitment to a consensus-driven approach.

China has led the world on solar and hydro energy development and is now looking at ways to diminish the impact of these cleaner energy alternatives. Similarly, China has led the world’s largest reforestation program over the last 20 years and has the experience and science to share on the best ways to reforest degraded lands to capture carbon and drive economies. It has a lot to offer its neighbours—near and far, on decarbonizing our energy and capturing carbon in the forests.

Charles Bedford will discuss where China is a frontrunner in climate change, and where the nation can improve. He will also discuss business’ responsibility and take questions from members and guests on the challenges and opportunities of working with NGOs.

Charles Bedford is the Regional Managing Director for The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Asia Pacific Region. Based in Hong Kong, Charles works closely with TNC country program leaders across Asia to identify and advance essential marine, freshwater and land conservation priorities and projects. He also focuses on working with the region’s business and government leadership on next-generation conservation solutions that will benefit both nature and people.

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