Kroll: The Human Element in Data Breach

Most articles that discuss computer intrusion and data breach often focus on one side of the event: the attack. Information is provided about the data taken, the attacker’s interest and motivation, and the cost and damage to the company.

Behind every hack and data breach are the failures in control, and the mistakes of the human beings that run the network. The best Hackers understand human behavior- how we name things, our desire for convenience and ease, our dislike of security that prohibits actions. The best attackers don’t need to break in – they will be let in.

The talk was led by Jonathan Fairtlough is Managing Director with Kroll’s Cyber Investigations practice based in Los Angeles. He joined Kroll after a distinguished career with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office where he served as both a prosecutor and co-founder of the office’s High Technology Division. At Kroll, Jonathan leads teams that provide comprehensive investigative services for digital forensics, data breach response and complex cyber-crimes.

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