Webinar Video: Tapping Influencers for Corporate Reputation

The field of influencer marketing is burgeoning. Instagram stars promote consumer products and are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet away from the celebrity is the growing field of influencer relations. This lesser-known approach looks at building long-term relationships with experts in their business domain – from shipping to software, aviation to artificial intelligence.

This webinar brings together innovative leaders and communicators from across Asia and Europe.

In this exclusive webinar, Walter Jennings provides a framework to begin influencer relations in your company. From program strategy to influencer identification, you’ll acquire a foundation in influencer relations to build corporate reputation.

This webinar is a sneak preview of Walter’s presentation at the 2019 Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid, Spain.

Walter Jennings is a Senior Consultant with The Tantalus Group, and the firm’s leading expert on International Key Opinion Leaders and Influencer Relations for corporate reputation. He developed and led the program globally as Vice President, Global Corporate Communications at Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen, China.

Based in Hong Kong, Walter is an American-Australian with 25+ years’ experience advising companies in China, Australia, and the United States.

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