The Bad Boy of Crypto is a Good Guy – Travis Wright

Travis Wright is bad, and that’s good. He and Joel Comm started a bad podcast that’s really proven successful (500,000 downloads each month). Right men in the right place with the right questions at the right time? Probably not. Travis doesn’t leave anything up to chance.

Let’s jump to the ending – today Travis is co-host of “Bad Crypto Podcast” – one of the fastest growing podcasts today. It’s also the #1 source for straight news on the worlds of BitCoins, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and all things crypto-currency.

This is one of Travis’ nine career lives. He had been in marketing, and had left a great job to start with a new venture. The day before that new role was to start he had the FBI at his door. The man providing seed funding was under investigation for a Martha Stewart-like crime. That painful lesson taught him flexibility and perseverance.

Travis parlayed his marketing experience into a consulting firm, and steadily grew his social following. He counsels companies on their “go to market” strategies and provides keynote talks at mainstream conferences.

And then crypto hit. The surge in global interest in the obscure field left Travis wanting to know more. So he and Joel hit on an open mike concept to discuss out loud all their questions – then find people to get the right answers.

A recently aired interview features Brock Pierce – the actor from “Mighty Ducks” who is now a crypto investor and expert.


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