After Breakfast @ Asia Insight Circle: Future Proof with Diana Wu David

Author Diana Wu David this year published, “Future Proof: Reinventing Yourself in the Age of Acceleration.” This very helpful book reads like an exercise manual to prepare yourself for how jobs are changing. There are options from full-time to part-time to gig worker to manager of a portfolio of roles. Diana interviews over 100 executives to showcase on-the-ground solutions to managing change.

Underpinning her approach is recognition that volatility is here to stay. Over the course of our extended careers and lives, we need to be better prepared for change.

“You will definitely out-last your job,” said Diana. “You will definitely out-last your career, and maybe even your company.”

How do you prepare yourself? Listen to how companies and professionals are preparing themselves with Diana Wu David, author of Future Proof  and our guest on “After Breakfast @ Asia Insight Circle.”


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