Opportunities in Web3: Becoming Email’s Category Killer

Walter Jennings from Asia Insight Circle and Angelina Kwan, CEO of Stratford Finance will moderate to tell more on the different versions of web technology, and how with Web3, it’s going to be even bigger for email.

Today there is no “category killer” for email in Web3. And while email sounds retro, it remains incredibly effective. 4.6 billion people use email, sending 820 billion each day!

EtherMail.io provides email solutions for 100+ Web3 projects with 1.7 million verified users. It’s a great option for Web3 companies who are blocked from MailChimp and other services.

Ethermail reimagines email for Web3.

Building value for end users to grow adoption & stickiness by unlocking Web3 native email features and 3rd party integrations.

Multi—Party Computation Login (MPC)

Access an untapped Web2 audience. Login to Web3 with FB or Google SSO. EtherMail creates a non custodial wallet for the user.

Email as a Secure BlockChain Wallet


Entire customer journeys inside your email inbox. Send and collect money directly via email or purchase with one click.

Access to Global Online Marketplace


Our worldwide audience directly where communications are held and provide added value. Onramp and/or offramp from inside your email.

Single Sign—On Access (SSO)


Faster, simple and anonymous login for your users + direct channel of communication and CRM. One click access to your favourite apps, no need to remember your credentials

The opportunity is now yours to join us for Our Live
events in Hong Kong & Singapore

We invite you to an “invitation only” private dialogue with EtherMail.io co-founders Gerry Heydenreich and Shant Kevonian. Based in Barcelona, Gerry is a serial entrepreneur with successful exits to Deloitte and Amazon. He and Shant are also co-founders of Barcelona Blockchain Network.

Hosted by Walter Jennings of Asia Insight Circle, and Angelina Kwan of Stratford Finance.


TUES @ 08:30 — 10:30  |  Mandarin Oriental

Roundtable is limited to 20 guests. A full breakfast is served

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THURS @ 08:30 — 10:30  |  The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Roundtable is limited to 20 guests. A full breakfast is served

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Balancing speed, time, and money in Web3

How “scale quick” has perks and risks

Tim Draper’s investment and return to email

Lessons for Web1 and Web2 exits (to Deloitte and Amazon)

EU Web3 landscape and current issues 

The Tokenomics of “Pay to Read” email

Come Join The Dialogue

Limit of 20 guests. Held under Chatham House Rules


The speaker’s remarks are “on the record” but attendees and their comments are not to be reported.

As our guests, there is no charge for this event. We hope you are able to attend, and we look forward to our dialogue together.

Warm Regards,

Walter Jennings, Asia Insight Circle and Angelina Kwan, Stratford Finance